Le Silve di Armenzano, Assisi, Umbria, Italy

List of the best wedding venues in Italy where Guty & Simone have played:

Le Silve di Armenzano weddings, Assisi, Umbria, Italy

Inside the video (32”) a wedding at Le Silve di Armenzano, Assisi, Umbria. A beautiful Umbrian venue very close to the city of Saint Francis, Assisi in Umbria, the green heart of Italy. The music entertainment by Guty & Simone The Italian Wedding Musicians who are used to play during wedding receptions and they perform normally in foreigner weddings in Umbria and all over Italy. Wedding music in Umbria. Wedding receptions and party all over Italy. Le  Silve di Armenzano – Loc. Armenzano di Assisi, 89 – 06081 Assisi, (Perugia), Umbria – Italy www.lesilve.it

Testimonials: Bride and groom’s statement. A beautiful newlyweds couple, English and Italian, talking about Guty & Simone musicians duo after their gig at their wedding party at Le Silve di Armenzano.

A pair of pics of the wedding location in Umbria

Le Silve di Armenzano Assisi

Guty & Simone The Italian Wedding Musicians avalaible for weddings in Umbria and all over Italy

Someone said about Guty & Simone:
“… They were superb. They played some Hendrix, The Stones, Floyd, The Doors… the list went on. They also did their version of Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven for us (we requested it in e-mails to them pre-wedding) which made the groom and best men very happy. Everyone was on the dance floor all night, even the dads. They added something really special to a perfect day …”
JaPe0 – Birmingham, United Kingdom (from Tripadivisor)