Sound and lights systems

Guty & Simone use the best equipment and the most innovative technology on the market.

Sound system A *
Guitars: Parker Fly Deluxe
Mixer: Mackie 1202 VLZ PRO
Outboard: Aphex Aural Exciter Type C; Lexicon LXP1; Line6 Floor Pod Plus, Digitech RP200.
Microphones: Shure SM58
Wireless Microphones: Shure PG24E/PG58
Monitor audio stage: Tc Helicon VSM 200XT
Speakers: n.2 DB Technologies ES503 (1000+1000W)

Sound system B *
Wireless Microphone: Shure PG24e/PG58
Sound connection options of PC Laptop / Tablet / Ipod / Ipad or any other audio player.
Speakers: PROEL Flash 8A V2 (300W)

Personal Computer
Guty & Simone Italian wedding band use a PC with a Microsoft Operating System and Software MUSIC READER for the management of lyrics and tracks they also use 2 MONITOR PHILIPS 221V2 21.5 “WIDE LCD FULL HD 1080P as electronic music stands.
By using a PC you can satisfy the last minute requests with the use of the internet connection **.
In the case of KARAOKE they use a VanBasco Player or via the internet ** you can access Youtube where there is an extensive library of Video Karaoke freeware.

Guty & Simone use LED lights with low consumption ***.
1 Eurolite LED KLS-200 RGB DMX Eurolite LED KLS RGB + Footswitch (Support with 4 LED lights with color and programmable functions)
1 Stairville LED Flood Panel 150 20 ° RGB (stage light)
1 LED Floor SLS 183/10 RGB black (stage light)
1 American DJ Revo Sweep (programmable disco lights effect)
1 American DJ Quad Phase HP (LED moonflower)

* The audio system A is the main system used for Guty & Simone’s live performances while the audio system B can be assembled in an area different from where the plant A is positioned and can be used for background music and and for speeches with the use of their wireless microphones.
** Internet of course is only possible where there is wi-fi or through our Vodafone pen subject to the presence of the signal by said operator.
*** Thanks to the use of the latest technology with LED lights the whole system has a very low light consumption (about 100W total, like a couple of light bulbs at home).

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