Borgo di Tragliata wedding band

Borgo di Tragliata wedding band

Borgo di Tragliata wedding band - People having fun during our gig!

Borgo di Tragliata wedding band – Firstly let’s have a look to our Youtube playlist on the video below. Our service includes LIVE music and DJ set all in one – Music no stop!

– Our standard package “dinner + after dinner party”
– Ceremony and aperitifs
– A wedding at the borgo
– The party
– Why we love Tragliata

Our standard package “dinner + after dinner party”

We arrive at Borgo di Tragliata in the afternoon and set up before dinner. Our standard package provides:
1) DINNER – mp3/ipod background music + wireless microphone for the speeches
2) AFTER DINNER PARTY – LIVE music and DJ sets during breaks (music no stop)

We can provide the music for ceremony and aperitifs

Concerning the music for ceremony and aperitifs we can provide a wide range of classical musicians (Harp – Harp, Violin – Harp, Violin and Soprano voice – Keyboards, Soprano voice – Piano, Tenore and Soprano voice duo – String quartet, trio or duo – Classical guitar, and many more!). Just ask, we will take care of all for you!

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LIVE music and DJ set are included booking Guty & Simone Standard Package!!

A wedding at Borgo di Tragliata

Borgo di Tragliata Wedding Band: Guty & Simone. Yet another wedding gig here in one of our favourite venue in Rome with a really nice couple from Ireland having their wedding reception in the roman countryside.

Karen and Kevin have their ceremony in the Borgo di Tragliata Church, Sant’Isidoro, reachable along the tuff rock, in the central block of the Village, then they have the aperitifs in well maintained restaurant court garden.
Meal and speeches take place in the salon of the village, the restaurant of the upper venue; the cake cutting and desserts are again in the garden and then the open bar and music is inside the restaurant hall; live music and dj set are provided by Guty & Simone – the Italian wedding musicians and Dj and Borgo di Tragliata Wedding Band.

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Guty & Simone playing the first dance during a recent wedding reception

Borgo di Tragliata wedding band - the first dance

The party

Today for their wedding at Borgo di Tragliata the bride and groom had chosen as their entrance song the original version of “Warm” by SG Lewis, a powerful, strong disco tune with a lot of atmosphere and a little bit of magic; the first dance is “Better” by Tom Baxter, Guty & Simone perform the song live (even if this song were not included in their actual repertoire, they have just learnt it expressly for Karen and Kevin since the couple say this song is very important for them).
After the first dance everybody fill the dance floor the whole evening to the live music and DJset of Guty & Simone; since there’s a number of singers in the wedding group (including the bride!!) who loves to belt out Adele songs, some of them have also the opportunity to take to the stage during the evening for some sing-along performances!

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Kevin and Karen recommending Guty & Simone Wedding Band Borgo di Tragliata after their wedding gig!!!

Why we love the Borgo

The borgo is a wonderful oasis near Rome arise on a picturesque spur of tuff, a really romantic destination – perfect for a wedding and for who wants to organize a stay in the countryside 25 km from Rome. The Village offers the full range of its services and maximum availability to meet the needs of children and adults.

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Wedding Band Borgo di Tragliata: Bride, groom and guests dancing all together!!

Wedding band borgo di Tragliata

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