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Rock and roll live mix, wedding in Siena

Rock and roll live mix Wedding band in Tuscany Wedding musicians Siena Siena weddings. Siena wedding Musicians live during an English wedding in Tuscany, Italy. Wedding music Siena. Italian wedding music and entertainment in the chiantishire, wedding live music in Siena, Chianti. – A wedding [...]

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1. Do Guty & Simone have all the equipment (including lighting) to carry out an event? 2. Can Guty & Simone move with all the equipment to place it in another location during an event? 3. Can Guty & Simone play outdoors? 4. Can Guty & Simone play outdoors if it is raining? 5. How [...]

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Guty & Simone Italian wedding musicians. Authorization Num. LIC. 958/I/07-1067 SIAE) There is a selection of songs, among the many of Guty & Simone’s repertoire recorded live during some of their evenings. Live wedding music Italy! Guty & Simone the Italian wedding musicians [...]